Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Dry Wine Bench, or just, The Winery Bench

   I would like to introduce a new little (not really, see dimensions at bottom) addition to the FilliQuist family, The Dry Wine Bench.

A wine barrel in it's previous life, the back of the bench is an unfolded white oak red wine barrel still stained by its former nectar and each screw hole plugged with fresh oak bungs.

The seat is a solid piece of white oak that is fit carefully into a notch made in each stave.

The top rail is finished with white oak as well which has been steamed into place.

Because of the solid seat surface, the bench should be turned over regularly to prevent warping. A task which shouldn't be much of a problem since after a rain or morning dew the bench can be flipped over to offer a dry seat and back. You see, the bench seat is exactly in the middle making the top the bottom and vice versa.

   Even though white oak is naturally rot resistant the whole bench is oiled and waxed for added protection. The bench pictured is approximately 7'6"L x 37" H x 20"D with a seat depth of 16" good for two shy people and 3-4 good friends. Retail for the standard two person 5' bench is $1150. Production and different sizes are available.

Monday, March 7, 2011

A New Tea Light Candle Chandelier

Fresh out of the Studio is as mentioned a tea light candle chandelier. Fairly simple description. The glass votives are hanging from a lightweight chain and attached to an assembly of branches that, using more chain, is hung virtually anywhere, as with any candle not near combustibles!    Hang it from an awning, a trellis, over a dining table or a under tree. Drifting and twisting about in the evening breeze these lights will move and flicker on the canopy of branches or ceiling above. The dancing shadows will enliven those late night conversations and softly light smiling faces melding them into the warm memory that is summer.