Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A New Light for Our Table

  We live in a small farm house. We love our small farm house. Sadly, we do not own this farm house, we rent it! The kitchen in this house has track lighting. We don't like the track lighting. We can not get rid of the bad track lighting. We made a light that fits in our small farm house in our small kitchen. We like this light a whole lot! Here is what it looks like.

    The black and white  helps to see the construction, which, by the way, is vintage cloth wrapped cord, 1/16" steel wire for the hanger, 1" square tubing, and 3 (10 points for seeing it before being told about it!) Ikea Vasen vases that have been sandblasted, drilled and inverted.  More pictures (color) and details after the jump....

  Here is a bottom view. It just so happens that the bulbs are Ikea too. The branches add a nice contrast to just having a fixture. We ran the cord across the ceiling and put an in line on/off switch just before the vintage plug. Getting all the wires to fit through the fittings was a bit tight but it worked! Below is another shot of the lamp at work. The dimensions are 26" W x21" H (hanging) 10"H(packed) x 6" W .....available for sale, as always- say $150? Customizing is encouraged and is reasonable as well.

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