Friday, December 30, 2011

The Real Color of the Year or How Pantone Got It Wrong

   Don't get me wrong, I love Pantone, but on this one they messed up. The lead color of the year is Tango Tangerine seen here. Still, one of the other colors of the year Sodalite Blue (not enough black and yellow in the blue) which comes close, but still not "the" color of the year.
  Well FilliQuist is making an official statement-
 Bergbana Blue is the color of the year, period.

FilliQuist Color of the 2012
Bergbana Blue

  After seeing, and consequently, falling in love with this color on a tram in Sweden (seen here) Filliquist began to notice this shade of blue all over Sweden. While primarily in the outdoor equipment industry this blue is rapidly creeping into the US market.
      Tangirine Tango may be on the A-listers but FilliQuist predicts the comfort and mellow tone of this color will ultimately be more popular. Examples below after the jump......
Danish modern sofa......

A Land Rover Dormobile from

A boathouse from

Sideboard from


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