Friday, March 30, 2012

Topiary- The Bench

   Benches serve a great purpose and with the onset of Spring, perhaps it is a good time to introduce the Topiary, the bench, to the world.

Details after the jump..

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Toasted Head Chandelier

  Wine making is a unarguably one of the most appreciated endeavors that man undertakes. As a result of the nectar refining process there is waste. FilliQuist Studio has taken a stab at some leftovers and come up with a few ideas, like the Wine Bench.
    The chandelier is made from eight clear wine bottles that are mounted to a barrel ring from a toasted head wine barrel. They are all discreetly wired with cloth wrapped wire that is finished off with a vintage flat plug that can be removed if the chandelier is to be hard wired. And the whole piece is hung from four hand woven sisal ropes that come together into one bound loop at the top for mounting. The bulbs are incandescent tube bulbs or display cabinet bulbs that are rated for 40W, if necessary 25W bulbs would work just fine.  Well here is the latest piece! And as always more pictures after the jump.....