Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mid Century Barn Find Has Surgery and Makes a Comeback

   When collecting windows for a greenhouse project to be completed next summer I found these cabinets neglected in a barn. They had 15+ years of dirt and dust on them and, unfortunately, their little legs and feet were beginning to melt into the mud and needed to be amputated.
   After a thorough cleaning and a little surgery, the two mid century style boxes were fitted with a shared prosthetic...
frame of welded steel. After the fitting of the prosthetic foundation and some minor repairs the whole piece was given a fresh coat of linseed oil.
  We were very happy that the receiver (stereo) and speakers fit perfectly. The drawers hold our electronic cables and some party games. Behind the cabinet door is some of our music and movie collection. Overall the cabinet is the perfect amount of utility and storage.
  Here are some detail shots of the inset hardwood drawer pulls and the steel frame that holds the cabinets. Just above the corner leg in the cabinet you can see the remnants of the mounting hardware for the doors that have been removed and saved (you know, just in case I want them later).
  Not having much experience restoring mid century furniture I was a bit surprised to find this cabinet is mostly butcher block softwood (pine) covered with mahogany feature strips and veneer. I am guessing that this is not a high end piece due to the overall quality of workmanship and materials used in construction; and also the fact that there is no stamp from the manufacturer. Regardless the piece has lasted in a barn for many years and looks great after a little work!

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