Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Oh Blog How I Neglect Thee...

Please forgive my absence. Again. Again. It will be argued that I may be a better father than blogger (doesn't he look happy?). Either way I have not stopped working.
  That being said, here is a fire basket, or eldkorg in swedish, to be used outside on those cold winter days while you decorate your home for the holiday season or watch family games on the lawn.

 As for use in Sweden, we like to put them at the end of our driveway to mark our house so that friends don't miss the driveway when coming over for festivities after dark (about 4pm or so). They can be purchased for 1200 kr (about $150 USD). If your are thinking, "gosh, why so much?", it is because this is the last basket you will need to buy as is welded solid, no screws or other nonsense, and is made from 10mm (3/8") steel and will not rust and fall apart after two years.

See it works!