Monday, March 29, 2010

Fall of 2009

There comes a time when one has to finish ripping one's roots out of a place and finally commit to NOT calling a place home. And while I am happier than ever to be where I am now there are times when looking back I remember the best of times. One of those very special times is (was) the Fall in North Lake Tahoe. Here are some photos that when put together will make an overlapping 360 degree view just click on the picture to get the full size and cut/paste/copy/save or whatever; but mostly just enjoy!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Getting what you want

I have seached for years for a certain beach chair, all to no avail. This is how it started-

    One day at a flea market/highschool benefit my parents bought a beach chair for me. For $15 I got a sling back chair that had navy blue cotton fabric. It was made of beech and stood around 4 1/2 feet tall when folded. I loved that chair, camped in that chair, slept in that chair, got sunburned in that chair, etc, you get the picture. Finally the sunbleached fabric gave out and ripped.  The chair frame became buried in snow and never recovered and tossed out in a moment of apathy or confusion. I have looked high and low for close to 10 years for a replacment and for what- NOTHING! I found a few companys bringing them in from France and other points European but finding them instock was hit or miss and the prices were anywhere from $125 to $300! Uh no thanks for a days work and some spare materials I'll make my own. So here it is!

       Made out of Poplar (I did two and the other is Red Oak), strung with natural untreated cotton, sealed with raw linseed oil, painted with four black stripes- it's DONE! Some spare wood and a bit o' canvas laying around and POOF! two new slingback chairs. Now if I can only get my price point under a hundred bucks I'll start selling these things state side!