Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Art of Mimicry

I was reminded today of a table I had completed for a client a while ago. In ordering a coffee table to go in a recent addition of their home Buus, a furniture manufacturer, had all but disappeared. To ensure that the piece would still be delivered on time I built it and loosely took the lines (for any copy write claims please contact me and I'll yell at you first for failing to complete the order then discuss the terms of licensing fees.) With that out of the way. Here is the original care of Buss.....
And then of course what I created. The wood is Cumaru and the hardware is hand forged. The finish was made lighter in order to match a built in cabinet. Not to shabby, eh?

Now as for Buus- when are you guys going to get back in business again? You had some great designs!!