Monday, December 10, 2012

Chandelier No. 5

   Here is a new chandelier by Filliquist. Since moving to Sweden I have realized how important it is with proper illumination as the sun is now hiding in the Southern Hemisphere.
You cannot go wrong with combining candles with lights! I bet it would look good over your dining room table.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Pantone Trys Again...

   If you are up to date with the design world then you will be thrilled at the news that is generated by Pantone and their annual color choice of the year. This year is Emerald! How wonderful. Or as Craig Nakano of the L.A. Times puts it, "It's Green."
  I too was expecting something a bit more, I don't know, just not green. I was also hoping fpr something that would work with last years color. I don't think it is very fair for Pantone to be jumping all over the color spectrum from one year to the next. It makes it very difficult to match last years color of the year with this years color of the year. Sorry but Tangarine Tango does not work so well with Emerald. So again like last year I am putting forth my suggestion for the color of the year. After last years choice of Bergbana Blue, also known as Pantone's 3025 EC, I am crossing the color wheel and lightening the color 30 points (in Photoshop) to get .......

                                                                                            Pantone 5005 EC.

  I don't know what to call this color, and neither does Pantone apparently. So I am open to suggestions and comments. The strong blue from last year will be easily matched by this color and I have started to see this and darker more saturated versions of this around and it seems to work well with the times. Since the seasons seem to have been particularily dark and damp lately this should lighten the mood.   

  With that in mind I can almost see the reason for Pantone's choice this year's color but it just doesn't work with the choices from the past. So here's to a bright and sunny spring where all colors will be saturated by beautiful pure sunlight and this year's FilliQuist Color Choice of (what should it be called?)  hanging from windows, accenting tables and maybe even covering a bit of sun kissed skin.