Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Building a Better Entry Light

Saw someone else hated their entry low-profile light and thought now might be a good time to show this easy fix. To do it to one of those square entry lights with the nub in the center :

1. Get rig of revolting shade

2. Find a bowl of similer size and depth. Depth being most important so the bulbs fit.

3. Get a 3/8 inch glass drill bit. Spade ones work OK but you can end up with a broken bowl a diamond bit works best and can be had for cheap(& good!) here. They also last a long time and are good for many other projects.

4. Finish off the glass. Make it opaque. Put in some twigs. Ribbons? I don't know....!?!?!?!

5. Install new shade and enjoy!

Heres mine>

Bye for now!