Monday, June 27, 2011

Chris Craft Restoration

   Here we are half way through summer it seems and the Chris Craft restoration is moving along slowly. All the same progress is being made. The bottom is removed and the replacement wood is ready to be milled. The type of bottom has been holding up progress though. I am not quite satisfied with the rigid properties of an epoxy "West System" bottom also I am not thoroughly convinced of the 5200 or BoatLife style bottom either and finally the lack of longevity of the original construction does not seem wise either...... And so the debate continues....

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Geez has it been a month??

My sincere apologies to those that read this blog, or at least try to. I haven't really written anything in almost a month and as the last post says I have been super busy. Anyho.... 

Alfa Gazpacho-photo by Veronica Fermskog
 that time I've built a wine celler, two artists' studios, designed an office space, refinished some chairs, striped and varnished a boat, put two  five (damn rain) coats of varnish on a beautiful sailboat, started varnish work on a 65' (20 meter) motor yacht and I've been travelling in Sweden for two weeks! Oh yes- and named a horse! Alfa Gazpacho - ha!  See him on the June 18th post or under Vora Fol (Our Foals). We are on the train to Stockholm as I type for the last few days and then there should be a wave of posts covering said work. So Hej Da (heya-doo-a) for now!!
Are (Aur-a)
and there should be a little o over the A