Thursday, April 17, 2014

Crafting Beer

   After visiting Formex and then the Stockholm Furniture Fair FilliQuist has been working mostly on a strategy for entering the main stream market. As a result the work completed looks more like paperwork, notes, and networking than anything that is normally posted here. So here is a beer.
  The crafting has not stopped completely though. I had enough time to make a batch of Birch Beer! All bottled and clarified it will be ready in time for midsummer. A nice light beer with a 7% kick! Can't wait!
    Things will begin moving in the shop very soon. First there is a visit to see friends and family and get some inspiration in the U.S.A. After that I will be constructing a sawmill, reorganizing the current shop, and building a bit of outdoor workspace.
   If you are looking for a fix, feel free to check out work on our house at Building Bjorkliden.