Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Best Of: A Different Take On Floors

    One of the greatest things a trip to Sweden offers is quaint little reminders. The pace and social attitude of Sweden is a refreshing take on how life IS and not how it marketed to be. Being that this statement relies on experience from having visited of living in Sweden let me offer an example.
   While driving on Swedish highways it frequently happened that a motorist would be merging, but only doing so extremely s l o w l y. Large trucks, and occasionally cars, would have to brake heavily in order to avoid a collision or an incident. As this happened there were no flashing of lights, honking horns, dramatic swerving and violent acceleration finalized by the giving of "the look" (at least) or "the bird" followed by yelling and cursing (at most).
   So why the anecdote? Besides the fact that I was stunned by the civility and seemingly passe' attitude toward driving there were other standards that were not questioned, if only for the sake that logically, intelligently, and simply-they couldn't be. And this is where pine floors come in.....
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