Sunday, December 19, 2010

Elevated Dog Feeder with Bowls and Food Storage

How many times, or for how long, has Duke, Fluffy, Spot, or Fido's food and water "area" been a little lack luster? To sad bowls sitting on the floor looking as if a deranged person placed them there. Not knowing where they truly belong, these dishes get banged around with their food bits and water logged egg whites, really- they need to go! But then where does Poochies nourishment come from? Surely not my hand, one kibble at a time...and NOT from some dark corner of the yard, ich.....

So, how about a nice box that holds around 20lbs.of dog food, one food dish, and one water dish? Yes? Good! Then here it is! Oh yes, and no more trips out into the laundry room, garage, or some side room to fetch food. Ah efficiency.

The Dog Box $80

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