Friday, April 1, 2011

The Best Of: Glass Manufactures

I have high standards, very high in fact. It is not very often that I find something, someplace, or someone that I believe worthy of not just my own, but everyone else's esteem. Before you go and assume that I am some kind of self-rightous, pompous, elitist that thinks he is better than all, let me tell you that I usually fall short on my own standards, high as they are. So.. what's all this about?

La Rochere Cristallerie is a glass manufacturer that excedes these standards and is one company that I consider -The Best Of- Click through to read more on this exceptional business.....

    La Rochere started in 1475 and has been making glass products ever since.  Mostly known for their Bee embossed glasses here state-side-
photo from La Rochere
....that is not their only achievement. They offer table sets, a variety of lighting and lamps, vases, even jewelry. And every piece has the consideration, value, and longevity that anyone could ask for. Click on images to enlarge. At the bottom there is information on where to procure La Rochere pieces. Enjoy!

All photos courtesy of La Rochere

So I would like to not only share this exceptional company with you but also go as so far as divulging the US companies that distribute their product as handed to me from La Rochere. Cheers!

131 30th Street NE
Suite 6
AUBURN, WA 98002 – USA
Contact: Cary René Bonnecaze
Tél. : 00 1 253 735 30 40
Fax : 00 1 253 735 73 23

94 Nickerson Road
Contact: Steve HAAS
Tel : 508 231 1189
Fax : 508 231 1160

2310 Fourth Street
Contact: Guy ORBAN
Tel. 510 524 7611 – Fax. 501 524 7612

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