Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Caterpillar is Released!

   As of late much work has been done in the bench genre. Now I am up to my neck in them! I have completed another Wine bench, a trellis bench (post coming), a navy chair bench(also- post coming), and the newest, the Caterpillar bench.
   This little wonder was conceived spur of the moment and now that I try to remember I can't even place its origin. All the same, it is just brilliant and I have to share.
   Each piece is 18" wide by 16" tall by 9" deep- But that's not a bench you say.....and I say RIGHT! But!...check after the jump.....

   If you were to use the hook on the front....
and the hitch on the back.....

Times 16 - you get a bench that looks like this!

And can do this......

And even this!

     The Caterpillar is a fun bench with so many possibilities. When it made its debut at the Gig Harbor Food and Wine Festival it was amazing to watch the attendees play with the bench and discover the individual pieces, which were promptly moved into the shade away from the hot afternoon sun.
   The stool/bench has a welded steel base that is topped with your choice of wood. In this case it is a beautifully figured and varnished Red Oak. Each stool is $50 and a 6 foot bench is $375. With these dimensions it takes 72 pieces to make a full circle. And, as always, since everything is done in-house, customizations are always possible. Just contact Filliquist!

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