Sunday, September 4, 2011

Then & Now Lamp

No springs. No tension. No problems.

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  Ahhh, details. I have become tired of lamps that try too hard to blend in. I miss interacting with my environment. So I have designed a desk lamp that demands a bit more attention from the user. The bulb was originally going to be a normal incandescent spotlight; but, since it will be touched in order to adjust the direction of the bulb I ventured into (cooler) LED territory,. While expensive, it is more or less a permanent option that puts out an excellent light spectrum. In other words, it is much better than a CFL and longer lasting than a regular bulb. The LED bulb extends as well as illuminates the lamp's own timeline disparity.

    The piece as a whole offers a simplistic mechanical solution that encourages a more thoughtful interaction with the user. This lamp isn't a convenient tool that can be thrown aside when unused, it is more the steadfast instrument that imparts reverence and patience to one's workspace. Each lamp is hand made for the future owner and can be had for $210- bulb, tax, and shipping included. Payable by check and paypal- contact FilliQuist by email to arrange the details!

 The wiring is cloth covered wire with a vintage style plug. All components are UL listed.

The frame is varnished mahogany.

The different positions and flexibility of the lamp.

Ultimately a piece that shows then & now.

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