Thursday, December 15, 2011

Oak Farm House Table Chairs Rescued, Refinished, and Returned to the Table

   Ahhh, Oak. Absolutely overdone in the 80's. When mixed with the palette of pastels relegated to the same decade I still cringe. However, I was given a few old dilapidated Oak side chairs a friend had dug out of a shed I began to appreciate this once desecrated wood.

Poor little chair!

Click the jump to see the transformation!

Much better!

   First I knocked apart and cleaned every joint. Then sanded down each piece. Next, installed all new pegs and glued and assembled all the joints . Finally the chair received two coats of  a finish that consists of one part varnish, one part linseed oil, and one part turpentine. Once it dried (about a day per coat) I tested it by the time honored method of testing chairs......I leaned back on two legs and bounced and twisted a bit- not a creak!
    All ready to go!!


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