Monday, June 25, 2012

Chicago Library Desk Restoration

 Here is a restoration project that was recently completed. An early piece maybe 1920's(?) this desk was originally one of many ordered to furnish one of Chicago's libraries.

From this......
To this.
   I decided to refinish with varnish to hopefully give the piece the respect I felt it deserves. Shellac was a great way to get a great finish on quick that will last long enough and get the job done. Since the desk has lasted this long and is a great period piece varnish should be good company for another 90-100 years. One little secret- I used the tinted shellac as the base stain for the desk. It worked beautifully! I just hope someone doesn't get any crazy ideas and decide to paint it.......

  The shellac finish was beginning to show some age and the glued top had started to let go.

  The repairs already made, the desk is freshly varnished and showing off in the afternoon light. You can see the pen tray and inkwell holder at the back of the pull out drawer. 
The legs were cooked after years in the sun and rain outside.

   A little rehabilitation (and varnish) goes a long way.

 Original manufacturer tag a bit out of focus, sorry for that, but it was left in tact and sealed over with a coat of varnish.

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