Friday, January 11, 2013

Mirror Mirror


 We are not vain people but I have noticed that since moving to Sweden we have appear to lack any vanity as the details of our personal grooming have been seriously neglected. From unkempt heads of hair to a bundle of ear hair, an unevenly plucked eyebrow, and even perhaps miscolored cosmetics. But it is not for lack of want. It was for lack of a lit mirror. Well that has been remedied now.
   The monstrous cabinet with a tiny unlit mirror has been removed. It has been replaced with a new larger mirror. The frame is assembled with some wood that has seen a bit of time and weather and the corners are appropriately detailed with forged nails.
  The lighting comes from 3 recessed halogen lights. In time I will find the proper detailing for side sconces to even out the lighting, but for now.... this is leaps and bounds better than before.


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  1. Is Barbro standing on a stool, i seems high, but on the other hand thats what You need....