Sunday, May 26, 2013

An American Round Table - Only Bigger (of course)...

 Sometimes finding the perfect table can be so very very daunting. In this case I had clients that had found the perfect table from Restoration Hardware (RH) where the round table was too small and not quite the right finish. You can see the RH listing here (for now at least). Ultimately they needed the same table, only a little more ....perfect? The table from RH is built with Pine. They said that this wouldn't really work for them so they asked for other woods. In the end there were three types that went into the table- Oak and Poplar for the top and Pine for the pedestal and feet. The pedestal part of the table is carved from a single piece of wood with the legs being attached separately. Perhaps the best for the client was that I was able to use locally sourced wood from a nearby farm in Washington state. Just remember- if you want it you can get it!

Forgive me for not having better pictures but I didn't have much time!
 The clients were waiting just off frame to take the table!

A great table from RH just not big enough!


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