Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Norrsylta Bookcase (Painted)

     We left our tall bookcases back in the US which means we are still sort of "moving in". Well we have now finally put our books away. This bookcase is just over 3 feet tall or for us folks in the metric part of the world an even meter. And they are also about 8 feet long or 2.5 meter. Now- I keep saying "they" since I made two thinking that we had all these books and stuff to organize. Well turns out that these cases hold much more than I could imagine since just one case absorbed all of our stuff with room to spare! Now what to do with the extra one?....Hmmmm? Ideas? anyone? Bueller? (movie reference there)

   A nice shade of Periwinkle blue that has just a bit of black in it to keep the steel uprights from attracting too much attention. 

The shelves are most definitely fixed as the uprights and
 supports are welded and are connected only by the boards.

The wide supports on the middle post give lateral strength 
so the bookcase can take some good hits while fully loaded and 
not collapse.

The steel is from a local recycling facility and the wood (Pine) was found on site and milled
the paint is water based as is the clear coat on the wood.

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  1. But that wasn´t much, You must bye som more or You can pick some up here when You come next time. Love Sister-in-law