Monday, September 8, 2014

I Am Not a Storyteller, I Am a Designer

  While at a recent conference or whatever you want to call it- a convention really- I was asking different people of the design industry what they saw as important for breaking into the design industry and getting a business moving, growing, breathing! Anything!!  Of all the BS remarks that I can't even remember there was one that really got under my skin. They said, "you need to tell a story...." Whhhaaaaatttt? So now that I design, manage, produce, sell, and finance my little world now I have to become a what? A storyteller? Like J.R. Tolkin? David Sedaris? Rudyard Kipling? What are storytellers known for designing that we are sitting on, talking/texting on, playing, or otherwise using today?
Nothing. That's what.

Rant over.

 Then I saw this video and realized I wasn't so alone in the world. I am so happy, I am going back to designing!

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