Monday, January 4, 2016

Live Edge Bed

  Here is a little project that I put together from an Aspen tree that I had cut into planks at the local sawmill. The bedposts were cut with a bandsaw from the cores of the upper portions of the felled Aspen. The headboard, footboard, and side rails are live edge pieces of Aspen wood. The bed posts show just a hint of natural edge.
  The Aspen is really nice since it doesn't yellow quite the same way that pine can and it has a nice soft wide grain with those darker contrasting knots. In the right light you can even see some ripples in the wood. The color of the footboard in the pictures above and below is the true color of the wood.
  The bed is a queen size mattress is topped with a nice memory foam mattress with a wool pile mattress cover and a nice down comforter. I still haven't slept on it yet but I hear it is really comfortable!

Headboard detail
Even closer detail
Full view of the headboard

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