Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Belle Reading Light

The theme between most, if not all, of these products that I make it is that I couldn't find what I wanted (or thought that what I did want was outragously priced).
So I formally present the Belle Reading Light.

For a larger image just click on the picture. This here is the first one and has a 3/4" thick steel base, copper stem and hand painted glass shade all wired with UL Listed parts, thus being clear wire showing one silver one copper and an inline switch and a candellabra socket and a maximum 40W 2" bulb. The production ones will be the same except they will have a 1/2" thick base and a slightly different shade (unless someone out there knows where to get more of the one shown here! uhg! I'm searching -I'm searching.....). It is 14" high overall- the base is 7" long by 4" wide and the shade here is 4" long 3.5" D. Price will be between $90 to $120 per unit. Depending on cost and work that has to go into the shade. Oh, and you might recognise the nightstand...

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