Thursday, September 9, 2010

Better Than Restoration Hardware

When I was young my mother had me playing all kinds of instruments-the violin @ 4 years old, then the cello @ 8 or so, then the piano in the early teens. If there is one thing I HATE to hear it's, "why don't you go practice now..." UHG!
Well here I am a grown man and I am happily, and unknowingly, practicing all on my own. OK, it isn't an instrument per se but I am using instuments. Welders, saws, drills, grinders and so on. I guess the definition of making music has just changed. What is this leading up to? Well have a look:
Does it look familier? It should....
see page here
So if practice makes perfect I hope that this shows I am getting better. It was nice to have this coffee table as a little bit of inspiration and to be able to show that things can be made locally for much, MUCH LESS. This may become a frequent saying -GO LOCAL!
The instigator for this table came when I first asked myself, "WHY does this table cost so much??" Huh why? RH's table is approx. 4.5 feet by 3.5 feet and costs $1360. The one I did sold for $650. OK ok, mine's not an antique, it also weighs in at around 60 lbs. instead of RH's approximate of 200 lbs. I'm going to guess that theirs is solid steel frame then; whereas, mine is square tubing 1/8" wall. Never mind after closer inspection you can actually see the joints on the leg for flatpack-ability, there is no way that table weighs 200 lbs. Other than age, a steel end cap, some patina paint job, and -of course- price what's the diff? Would you go local?

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