Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Geez has it been a month??

My sincere apologies to those that read this blog, or at least try to. I haven't really written anything in almost a month and as the last post says I have been super busy. Anyho.... 

Alfa Gazpacho-photo by Veronica Fermskog

       ....in that time I've built a wine celler, two artists' studios, designed an office space, refinished some chairs, striped and varnished a boat, put two  five (damn rain) coats of varnish on a beautiful sailboat, started varnish work on a 65' (20 meter) motor yacht and I've been travelling in Sweden for two weeks! Oh yes- and named a horse! Alfa Gazpacho - ha!  See him on the June 18th post or under Vora Fol (Our Foals). We are on the train to Stockholm as I type for the last few days and then there should be a wave of posts covering said work. So Hej Da (heya-doo-a) for now!!
Are (Aur-a)
and there should be a little o over the A

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