Monday, June 27, 2011

Chris Craft Restoration

   Here we are half way through summer it seems and the Chris Craft restoration is moving along slowly. All the same progress is being made. The bottom is removed and the replacement wood is ready to be milled. The type of bottom has been holding up progress though. I am not quite satisfied with the rigid properties of an epoxy "West System" bottom also I am not thoroughly convinced of the 5200 or BoatLife style bottom either and finally the lack of longevity of the original construction does not seem wise either...... And so the debate continues....
   For now here are present status pictures-Enjoy!

 With 1200+ screws removed and the bottom ready to peel off the original intermediate canvas layer is visible just under the channel locks.

 Bottom off and the hull washed-now what type of bottom to put on? Hmmmm....???

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