Friday, November 11, 2011

Restoring a Classic Federal Style Dinning Table

An old table gets a new lease on life is made brand new again.

   This is out of the archives of work that I've done for customers. But seeing how I've been doing so many restorations I figured, why not?
  You get an old table that has been soaked by a flood. Dookied on by bats. Heated and dried by extreme summer temperatures. Cooled and dampened by winter dreary and gloom. Then, and only then is it a perfect candidate for restoration.
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    The entire piece was cleaned and disassembled. All joints were reglued and reassembled. The table edge was repainted. A custom matched mix of black and red paint was used on the table edge as well as on the table top. 3 inches of the tabletop edge were airbrushed to fade into the rich red stain on the mahogany veneer top, which had already been spot glued, filled, and restained.
   The leg lamination's  were irrigated to remove dirt and dust that had crept in between the layers, then glued. The coving on all six legs was air brushed to match the table edge, per original design.
    The whole piece received a fresh new clear coat and then another....and then another... Then polish the brass feet and assemble in time for turkey dinner!!

Table Base 1 of 2

A very beat up table top

Unfortunately this is the only finished photo. But what a difference!

  The customer needed the table for Thanksgiving. So shortly after attaching the feet covers out the door it went to dinner with the family. There you have it: A brand new antique!!

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