Monday, February 3, 2014

Stout Oak Coffee Table

   Here is the latest piece out of the studio. The top is most plainly a solid slab of European White Oak that has been resting in a barn for many years. To prevent the checking (or splits) from growing any bigger three bow ties have been added dressing this little gent nicely.
   Being fortunate enough to work with large slabs of wood it is difficult to mount the top on suitable legs. Search just a little and one will find a very eclectic mix of mostly awkward bases under a gorgeous monolith of wood. Work is still being done on a variety of supports that are appropriate and closer to the perfection that will rest above. 

    These four legs represent the trunk where it meets the ground and the shape that gives the oak the strength to carry its massive weight through every season. Each leg is hand forged, (that is with a fire, hammer, and and anvil) and flared at the base, and different from the others. The steel is then blued and waxed to seal against rust and wear.

   The three bowties are cut from American Walnut. The four legs are mortised so that the tops are seen on the table top. The two legs on each end are attached to the bottom of the table and are very very stout.


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