Monday, March 24, 2014

Restoration of Swedish Woodstove

   How is this for instant gratification? We bought this Handöl wood stove in bad condition and I spent some time (quite a bit actually) cleaning, polishing, welding, resealing, and reassembling this little classic. It is made of a cast iron frame that holds together many pieces of soapstone and cast iron ports (ash clean out, stoking door, and exhaust port out the back of the stove).

Three of the plates were cracked and needed to be brazed (welded).

Prepared and ready to braze.

Stoking door cleaned up, repainted and with new "window" inserts.
They are some kind of shell. 
Rusty soapstone gets cleaned up

 Old caulking is removed the surface cleaned and new caulking
is applied on reassembly. Chipped corners are left alone to show the
age and passage of time

Ready to assemble and get fired up!!

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