Friday, October 7, 2011

A Guest Bed with Hint of Gustaivan

The photos above the bed are by Sharon Montrose

   With guests coming in from Sweden we are overdue for a proper bed and frame. For a number of years now we have been punishing our guests with an inflatable bed. We are far to nice for that! Really though it is time to grow up (a bit) and get a real guest bed put together. Keeping with Swedish design gives the piece direction without too many frills and at the same time simple without being straight boring lines. Oh Gustav, where would we be without you today?

More details and photos after the jump.....

   Making it a platform bed aliviates the need for a box spring and relieves us from needing to store another piece of "bed". The posts are made of 4x4 Douglas Fir and the sides are made of Fir as well.  The joints are accurately cut, a nice snug fit, and fastened with large screws so there is no movement or squeaking.....and the head board comes off easily so the whole thing can be disassembled and stashed in storage when we want to have our office back.

   The finish is a white wash that shows some of the grain of the wood and then everything is sealed with a waterbased urethane and finally waxed for a smooth feel that is easily cleaned. This bed happens to be a full and goes for about $300. As always contact Filliquist Studio for more information.

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