Friday, October 14, 2011

Moving: Lessons From a Vancouver, B.C. Bookstore

  This post is for anyone that is moving and gets to the point that they think they just have too much "stuff". Well after reading this you might realize- you don't.
   As I mentioned in the "Getting On With It" post, Filliquist Studio is moving! So while the sun is setting on our place by the Tacoma Narrows Airport; it is rising on Pine Knoll, the farm that we are moving to. As we begin to move the question of what is necessary and what is just "stuff" becomes glaringly apparent. I also can't help but think about a book store that we visited recently to make myself feel better about the whole process.

   Now I don't feel so bad.....  Every nook, cranny, shelf, floor spot, crevice, fireplace (yes even the unused fireplace had books in it), closet, stair tread or other potentially unused spot had a stack of books in it. 

A little more after the jump.....

A 7 foot tall stack of books
   Other than the few rooms full of books, this is to say a stacked pile like the one seen above, the organization was pretty good! I was disappointed that there wasn't a store cat. Isn't there some unwritten law (ironic for a bookstore) that bookstores have to have a cat?
   Seriously thought this store had everything.  Many of the books were collectible, like the Penguin Books that have been getting attention for their simple cover art and back history. There were maps, both nautical and geographic, from mortgage company's and marine product distributors. I half expected to find some version of Jumanji buried in there, but to no avail.
  All in all, a fascinating store that could keep one occupied for hours. But most of all a great reminder that at least I don't have that much "stuff"!

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