Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Pine Knoll Office Desk

  Taxes, bills, reports, research, paperwork- no matter what you call it chances are you don't really want to be doing it. Either way,  it has to be dealt with.  Preferably in an office. Usually in that office is some semblance of a desk. Whether it was made from an old door and some cinder blocks in college or a cheap pressed chip board with printed wood graphics from some office supply store or Costco chances are you didn't like sitting at your desk in your office. This desk solves that problem and gives a little more...after the jump.....

Here are the cabinets, with fresh new wheels, before painting
and an not yet finished (upside down) desk top,
you can see the bars that keep the cabinet and top in place. 
   The Pine Knoll Desk was aimed at making work in the office a tolerable experience. First it is made of solid wood, in other words it won't crack or break when you issue that frustrated thump. Second, it is big. Plenty of room to spread out all of your thoughts in neat little piles and a little extra room room for a plant to bring some zen to the paper shuffle madness. Third, the foundation of the desk is two deep file cabinets from the manufacturer of the best file cabinets in America, Steelcase. Fourth, the whole thing moves out of the way very easily with the addition of wheels welded on to the bottom of the cabinets.

Tall person view
 This desk is a compromise as I had originally wanted a standing desk. But, due to height differences a "sitting" desk was the only real solution. All the same, the desk is 7 feet long by 31 inches high by 30 inches deep, still big enough for me, just perfect for her.
Printer, happy plant, stack of paperwork, ugh!

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