Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Rancho Yolo Lodge Table- Built From a Ranch for A Ranch

   This is a big table with a bit of a tale.

  More pictures and tale after the jump.

    I have a good friend who spends equal time between France and Northern California. The international lifestyle that she lives has been afforded by running a rather successful furniture store and, prior to that, as an architect. When in France she loves to visit both local furniture and design shops as well as the "big box" stores (yes, they have them too). 

   She came back from one of these trips and told me of the oversized coffee ahem, sorry, occasional tables that she saw there. Almost all of them were kept cozy by a large low hanging drum light, a nice addition for sure. Well, long story short, at her behest I made a table of the dimensions she spoke of. Above you see the images of it. It measures 3 feet by 5 feet and weighs around 400 lbs.
   It truly anchors a room. 

   Details below.

Before linseed oil and wax.
Under construction.

    The wood is Redwood (old growth) from the foundation of a house and the base is 2x2 steel tubing welded, blued and waxed.
   The table top was sealed with linseed (not boiled) and mineral oil for a natural finish that brought out the amazing tight grain of the wood. The wood is soft and time will give the table a few dings and scuffs, that will only add to the patina and storyline of the piece (and be easily blended in with the application of oils).


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