Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Aimee: The Creation of a Farm Table

   Pictures, lots of pictures. That's how this project started.


The results? Pieced together after the jump!

 First the pedestal legs were picked out and agreed upon.
 These were antique posts from a Victorian home.
Then the base design was put together. Lines for the
base were picked and adapted from the above pictures.
Then the top size and details were figured out (detail photo below).
The easiest part!
Then assembled with first coat of secondary background color (the one behind the white paint)

Second coat background paint on the finished construction
Second coat of White paint

 Fourth coat of paint- note the "breadboard" ends
and the finished table?

2 coats brown, 5 coats of white, a satin clear coat and 1 perfect table and a very happy customer!

If  there is any wear and tear it will slowly reveal the dark stain under the white paint giving that extra bit of character to the table.

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