Thursday, April 12, 2012

Custom Copy: The Hong Sofa Table and Desk

   A couple from Seattle came to me with a request to build a piece that they liked in a catalog; but, ultimately it was not the right size for their home. The table is a classic design using steel and wood, in this case, maple.
More details and pricing after the jump:

  I still have a hard time figuring out why (oh, why) furniture and design companies charge so much for tables and ubiquitous design goods in general. This particular table sells for nearly twice the price for half the table, why? The table is simple and the design has been around for decades and is more almost more utilitarian than a cutting edge design. It isn't a licensed design so the price can't be due to a designer getting a licensing fee.
1 inch (25mm) thick top and 1 inch dimensional frame and legs

   Are you paying for the table to be shipped across the US or even half way around the world? Maybe. Are you paying for all the catalogs that get sent out in the mail? Definitely. Are paying for the CEO's new boat? Possible.
The table stained and waxed
   Perhaps you are sponsoring the latest team building camps for the employees. Or are you paying for the right to say you bought your table from Company X and that you have so much cash that you can spend half of the tables value on a name? Likely.
An oil finish brings out the beauty of the Maple
   Either way before you go and purchase this table for $1000 or more please contact me for a more real world price on a product that will be made better last longer and fit perfectly into your life and home, as it will be made just for you to your specifications. You know- custom!

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