Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The French Farm Table

Here is a story of "localvoreism".
  A couple comes to me and says, "Hey we'd like to get a table, at a good price, and maybe learn something in the process."
Me- "Ok, sure."
Well, here's the table.

More picts and details after the leap.....
We all piled into my car on a rainy day. Trailer for the lumber in tow we headed a few miles down the road to the sawyer. He had some windfall maple that was perfect, a few inclusions, great grain and figuring, and a touch of live edge (seen below)

  They, like many others, had a picture of what they wanted. Like solid hand beveled legs seen above. And breadboard ends detail can be seen above & below.

  Slightly uneven just not enough to tip a glass of wine. Not that wine spilled on the table wouldn't just make it look that much better.....

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