Monday, April 16, 2012

Vanity: The Jackson Vanity and Mirror

   A simple bath vanity for pedestal sinks, a lower shelf for off the floor storage and an iron towel bar. The piece is to be installed in the master bath by a contractor. 
The matching mirror and more details and options after the jump.

 The vanity is made of 1.5" (40mm) Pine and is modeled after the antique table in the picture below sent to me buy the customer:

Here it is almost finished. At this point it could easily be a sofa table......

    A rough picture but it conveys the idea...

The set-

  and the detail of the simple, yet deep, frame of the mirror.

I am looking forward to getting a picture of both pieces installed. I'll update then.....
Update-  Winter 2013, or not.... I never heard from the customer again, that is a good thing right??
Still thinking of doing this same piece again for the guest house.

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